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Consultations & Estimates

Years of Experience, Certified Technicians, Top Quality Designs, & Award Winning Projects!

Consultations - Homeowners and business owners looking to speak with a professional about future exterior Landscape/ Hardscape projects or existing interior or exterior projects. Help further understand the steps needed to take as well as devising a well thought out design that makes your visions come to life! Consultations consist of 1 hour meeting in person with a Certified Professional, specs and codes discussed, materials and vendors available to you, as well as an email recapping our meeting and content that was discussed during. $75.00 per hour 

Estimates - Homeowners and business owners serious about taking the next steps to creating or remodeling an existing interior or exterior space. We specialize in outdoor living spaces and thrive off the magic and beauty we bring to each property. Estimates consist of 30min to 1 hour in person meeting with a Certified Professional to discuss the scope of the project, details and measurements involved in transforming this space, and 1 revision of the estimate once received. All estimates have a turn around rate of 2-3 business days. $25 per Estimate.  $25 is taken off the total of the job if there is a signed contract. 

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